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Best HR Blogs 2010

As we sadly say farewell to 2010, many of you are thinking back over the last year and all of the many events that made twenty ten one for the books. Here at Young HR Manager, I wanted to take a moment to rewind the year and highlight some of my Favorite HR blogs and individual HR Posts of 2010.

In going through my list of favs, these are the cast of characters that I can regularly turn to for great HR insight, a dose of wisdom, and even a bit of sarcastic humor at times. These blogs are great for keeping a finger on the pulse of the HR community and the issues that our employees face just trying to make a living in the old 9-5. So without further ado, I present Best of HR 2010

Best HR Blogs

I have to say that one of my all time favorite blogs to follow is The Evil HR Lady. Suzanne Lucas- the self proclaimed Evil HR Lady, has a style all her own. Her blog is fresh and engaging and she often tackles sensitive subjects other bloggers may shy away from. This HR Lady is definitely no shrinking violet and her frank candor has won her a huge following.

One of my favorite aspects of Suzanne’s blog is that she keeps it very interactive and takes a ton of HR questions from readers, which she answers in her posts. Very detail oriented and direct, “Evil” is never afraid to call a spade a spade. Her sometimes hard to swallow, but practical advice is always beneficial.

One of my favorite posts was written by the friend of a college student who wondered if a recent DUI would affect his chances at a government job. Suzanne answered in rare form. Her opening line was “Yes, it will affect him. Your friend is an idiot.” Gotta love her.

Here’s the post:

Another DUI Questions

Another blogger I like, but for an entirely different reason, is Nick Corcodilos, of “Ask the Headhunter”. Nick is a very intelligent guy and great at what he does, even if he often takes pot shots at us HR folks.

Nick is known for challenging the organizational structure and being an advocate for the job seeker. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like to read his work for a few reasons.

1- I like someone who is not afraid to rock the boat. Sometimes you learn the most about flaws in a system and how to improve from someone who is in the process of tearing you a new one. If I put my ego in my pocket, I usually tend to learn a thing or two from his posts.

2- Nick has a cause. He is adamant that the current way of people finding jobs is seriously flawed and puts it all on the table to bridge the barrier between his readers and their dream job. Hey, you gotta love a man with conviction.

One of Nick’s recent posts that really made me think was a riff on HR for doling out raises to people who just show up to work and do the bare minimum, instead of awarding based on performance. Delivered in his classic style, Nick expressed his belief that HR doesn’t know a hat from a hole in the ground, but it was definitely an interesting read. Obviously, his readers thought so as well, based on the spirited discussion that followed.

We Pay Bonuses For Showing Up

Another blogger that challenges the status quo is Laurie Ruettimann, aka The Cynical girl. Laurie is all over the place at times (cats?), but she often poses some thought provoking questions. Not afraid to ruffle a feather or two, Laurie often challenges ideas and perceptions, including those “gurus” with a huge following.

Take Seth Godin for example. He is as close to “a made man” in his sphere as you can get. However, The Cynical girl is not afraid to throw a few darts at his balloon. I always love a writer that goes against the grain because it makes me expand my thinking and examine my convictions. Laurie does just that.

This piece from November takes Seth to task regarding his idealistic stance that everyone is brandable and the need to find emotional and physical well being at work. If you love what you do- great. But if not, suck it up and go home to the missus.

Reasons To Work

On the flip side of the coin, we have Ryan Estis of Passion on Purpose. The good guy of HR, Ryan is definitely a pro in his area of expertise. Ryan advocates creating a “passion” based company culture, in which the employees and customers are fiercely engaged and supported towards excellence.

Ryan is a great read whenever you need an upper on a Monday morning and is big on recognizing people and drawing poignant lessons from life and applying them to business.

According to Ryan, it doesn’t take a high powered exec to positively influence the company brand-any dedicated employee will do. Ryan recently ran into a Starbucks employee while on a layover who rekindled his belief in customer service excellence.

Giving the Gift of Happiness in Terminal

Last, but certainly not least, we have Shauna Moerke from HR Minion. Open, witty, and insightful, Shauna is the HR person you want to sit across from at lunch. Shuana has a wicked sense of humor and has done a great job as ringleader of the Carnival of HR.

A self proclaimed “HR Minion”, Shauna provides great posts on taking charge of your career, making sure you follow through, and humorous posts on how to really ROCK HR in your organization.

A recent fav looked at the fact that all fingers point to HR when there is an issue, but what about all the things we do right?!

When You Are In HR Nobody Cares

These are just a few of the great blogs I check out in the regular. I would love to list a lot more, but then you’d be yelling at me for a totally too long post. So, to make it short and sweet, here goes:


You know who you are. See you next year!

P.S. Share your favorite blogs or posts of 2010

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