Monday, June 30, 2008

The Google Story......Master Entrepreneurs

Google Story!!!

Starting my Blog on Entrepreneurs, I could’nt think of a better way of thanking Larry Page and Sergey Brin for their wonderful creation of all times which we all proudly call as Google.

I read Google Story four months back and was impressed by the inside story and how Larry and Sergey (Co-founders of Google) started their own company which has today become indispensable for all of us. With its colourful, childlike logo set against a pure white background, Google’s magical ability to produce speedy, relevant responses to queries hundreds of millions of times daily has changed the way people find information and stay abreast of the news. Million of people use it daily and have come to regard Google and internet as one.

Google has never spent a penny on advertisement yet it is able to capture and impact our mind and soul. A day without Google is a day without sunshine. To me its like a jenie, who is there to fulfill whatever I write in that white magical box at It has answers to my dumbest questions and as a True friend, I can trust and rely on it anytime.

Google Story by David A Vise reveals the hidden secrets behind what went in the creation of Google and what challenges were faced by its founders right from its inception.

Google runs the largest computer system in the world, which is the reason behind all quality searches and providing a competitive strength to the company. To me Google is an advertising company, which generates money through highly targeted text ads that searchers click when looking for information.

On Aug 19 2004, Google went Public with an initial public offering at $85 per share. In less than a year, the stock soared to more than $ 300 per share. Blue Chip Venture capitalist firms, Yahoo, Alta Vista and many other tech companies turned down the chance to buy Google Search System for a $1 million which forced Stanford Ph D students Sergey Brin and Larry Page to drop out from college and start their own company. By the end of summer 2005, each of the founders had a net worth of more than $10 billion.

John Hennessy, a top computer scientist and now a Google board member, came to know about Google’ page ranking technique which gave good ranking search results in a flash in comparison to Alta Vista the famous search engine that time. He encouraged both of them to start their own company and work in this direction.

The soul of Google m/c is rapid innovation, where all technologists think of solving problems first rather than devising ways of making money and creating products. Google fosters on word of mouth publicity and is not involved in any marketing or advertising activities.

A living example of its simplicity is its million dollar homepage, which is free from any advertisements, just to provide a unique searching experience to its users, which in turn, become its best advocates.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of the company looks after business affairs where as Brin and Page operate in a hands on manner pushing hard on introducing new features and offerings.

Google has the best brains working for it with a state of the art work environment. All employees are encouraged to involve in exploring ideas which interest them most apart from regular work.

Today “to Google” means “to search” which has become a verb in English, German and other languages. In just 9 years, Google has become one of the most profitable company of all times sharing platform with giants like Microsoft, Yahoo. The company as well as its founders are young with many more milestones to achieve in future.

Google got its name from a mathematical term spelled as goo-gol which means a number 1 followed by 100 zeroes. Google earns through searches that happen through advertising. In the long run, a combination of scientific, mathematical and computer skills will be the key to success in future.

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