Monday, July 13, 2009

Does Starting Your Own Business Seem a Bit Daunting?

No Looking Back

The idea of starting your own business can be daunting. Especially if you have never done it before. It can seem like the "risky" thing to do.

But millions of people around the world have started their own home based business, and haven't looked back. And more and more people are realising that it's the smart way to go, especially in today's economy.

Times have changed. The Internet is here, and it's not going away -- but job security is.

But fear not, because...

Change is the thing that brings massive opportunity!

And the only thing that may be stopping you from taking advantage of that change is your past conditioning. Let me explain...

The Way Of The Past

A hundred plus years ago, your ancestors were entrepreneurs, not employees. They owned their own businesses. They enjoyed their own freedom and did not concern themselves with this thing called "job security."

Then along came the Industrial Age and the need for employees skyrocketed. Large industrial concerns promoted the need for "educational reform" in order to create more employees for a rapidly expanding industry.

So in stepped the government and took over the task of mass education, and adopted the Prussian system. A system designed to produce soldiers and employees -- people who would follow orders and do what they are told.

You can see how beneficial this kind of system is to the corporate world today.

And the corporate world has lured people in by offering "job security." But these days it is becoming very apparent that job security is a thing of the past. Not only may your job not be there in a couple of years, but your employer may not be.

Why Does It Matter?

"So what's the big deal about job security?" you may ask. Well...

Firstly, it isn't there anymore.
And secondly and more importantly, it comes at the expense of something very precious -- your freedom.

The price of security is freedom. And over time, people have been unwittingly trading their freedom for security.

(If you are battling to relate to this concept, think about a maximum security prison. The people there have the highest security, but no freedom.)

Today millions of people are risking having very little freedom, and little security.

So, clinging to "job security" may be costing you dearly: The life you really want to live.

And putting on the fa├žade of driving a nice car, living in a nice home, wearing nice clothing, and doing all the nice middle-class things (all provided by credit) is not cutting it. No amount of "looking good" is going to give you or me true peace of mind. That means...

It's time to focus and "mind your own business" instead of someone else's (your employer's and your banker's).

Just like your ancestors, choose the path of freedom. Live a life of self-autonomy. Because it's worth it.

The only thing that stops us is fear. Not lack of ability. And we only fear the unknown.

So, if you have fear about starting your own business, it's because of your conditioning (education). Think about it...

You have probably spent years in a "Prussian" school system. You were taught that you have to have all the right answers or else all hell will break loose.

That may be great within the corridors of "formal education," but it's doesn't reflect reality.

How We Learn

Remember learning to ride a bike? Did you first spend months learning all the theory so that when you first got on you were sure not to fall off? To "not make a mistake?" I doubt it.

What happened is, you got on. Fell off. Learnt and made corrections. Got on. Fell off. Learnt and made corrections... And so on, until you were riding around everywhere on your back wheel!

That is how we are designed to learn. It's natural. The "formal education" way is what's unnatural in learning how to thrive in life.

We have been so conditioned to fear making mistakes. To get all the answers right. No wonder this paralyses us unless we can somehow overcome all this conditioning. Therefore, let's not attach too much significance to the word "failure." I once read a good quote that went, "Failure is an event, not a person."

So, do you need all the right answers? Bill Gates didn't. He brought a product to market, that brought value to the market, and the market embraced it in a big way. And Microsoft Windows is still not "perfect."

Henry Ford said, "Thank God for my customers. They buy my products before they are perfected."

And yep, you too have value to add! So stop waiting to be perfect and worrying about "getting it all right" and just start offering it! Believe it or not, but there are people who will relate to you and want what you can offer them.

Just Start

Start that business. It you don't, who else will? That's what I did, in spite of being "educated" otherwise.

Entrepreneurs know that they don't have to know all the right answers. They just need to know where to find the answers when necessary. Even very successful entrepreneurs are always learning. For them there is no such thing as being "educated" (past-tense). It is an ongoing process.

All persons are hypnotised from infancy by the culture in which they grow up. The prime task of adult life is dehypnotisation, enlightenment. -- Willis Harman and Howard Rheingold

So go for it. Do something bigger and more meaningful with your life.

If you don't make a difference in the world, you will be more inclined to just complain about the problems in the world. And that has never helped anybody.

It has never been easier or cheaper to start a home based business. It can even be done part-time. All thanks to the Internet.

And being non-technical doesn't have to stop you either. Technology has brought with it its own solutions to its shortcomings. It doesn't matter if you're a Generation-Y or a Pre-baby-boomer.

With the advent of the Internet and Web 2.0, and all the coaching available out there for starting a successful home business, there is practically no risk.

The risk is in sitting there watching the "old economy" melt before your eyes.

And job security is part of that old economy.

Rather make your own security -- like your ancestors did.

Because you can...

About the Author:
Tony Kennard is a work-at-home entrepreneur. He promotes the idea of financial freedom and self-autonomy through personal business ownership.He teaches Attraction Marketing as the best method to attract people to your business (traditional or MLM), and have it flourish.

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