Sunday, November 1, 2009

Site Optimization: The Tools Of The Trade

By Richard Shell

SEO tools, which ones do you buy? I have been asked this question many times. When you have a site ranking high in the search engines you get asked these little questions. I use a whole list of tools so I can't share them all, but I will tell you some main tools you need to get started in SEO and to start moving your site up. Once you start moving you can buy more expensive tools.

The first tool you need is something to do keyword research. This becomed pretty easy. I use the Google Adwords tool, I find it gives me the data I need. All I really look for is words that do get some searches each month. From there I look at what sites rank for the words and decide if I should take a poke at getting to the top of the engines there.

The next thing you will need is some method or tool to build links. You can't get high up in the search engines without spending a lot of time building a lot of backlinks. I like to look at different tools available. There are BLOG Commenting tools, Social Bookmarking Tools, Article Submission Tools and even courses on how to build links. You need to get your hands on as many of these as you can.

The next tool that I think you will use the most is a tool that tells you where you rank in Google. I use a free tool that will tell you where you rank in Google as long as you are in the top 1000. This tool is free and it is an excellent thing because I can literally monitor where my pages are in Google and see any progress or results from search engine work I have done.

To conclude there are a lot of tools for SEO and you have to wade through the sales letters to find out if they will truly help you. Most people that sell SEO tools are SEOs and internet marketers themselves and they make money by selling their tool. Make sure the tool is of value to your methods of SEO before spending the money. Like I said earlier I really thing courses on link building are your best deal.

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