Friday, October 30, 2009

Simple Need To Know Facts About Pay Per Click Advertising

By Jonathan Pitts

Anyone who wants to be successful in Internet Marketing and make serious money online needs to find a way of driving targeted traffic to their websites.

One of the most popular methods to provide that is PPC advertising, in this article I will discuss PPC advertising and give you a broader idea of exactly what it is and some useful tips to help get your internet marketing career kick started!

A Pay Per Click (PPC for short) campaign is where you pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your adverts. There are a number of types of PPC adverts but the most common are the links (normally on the right hand side) of search engine results. For example every time you do a Google search you will see adverts on the right hand side, these are Pay Per Click adverts.

Pay Per Click ad campaigns can be very cost effective; this is because you only pay when your ad is clicked on, this means if a person has clicked on your ad they must be interested in your offer. Therefore only targeted traffic should click on your ad; but say you do get your market terribly wrong it doesn't have to cost you a bomb because people that are not interested in your offer will not likely click on your ad so you will not spend any money.

However as with anything there is a "but". This is because you can stand to spend more money than you make with Pay Per Click advertising; this normally happens if you target a large niche such as Home Business or Internet Marketing. If you do your click rate will become higher ($2-4 a click) as there's a lot of competition. Therefore if your site is not a high converting one you will be charged for viewers visiting your site but then you will not get anything in return because they do not submit their details meaning you will not build a list and not make much money.

So then you need to have a high converting site in order to use Pay Per Click advertising effectively. A way to find out whether your advert is a high converting one is to create multiples of adverts and run them against each other (known as split testing if you run 2 against each other). Then you can analyse each site and see which was the highest converting, in the future you will use the higher converting ad and discard the lower converting one.

Here are a number of different elements you can change around to enable you to find out which layout/desgin works best, this gives you a high converting site. Change the headline of your advert and site by making one positive and the other negative. For example; "Make Tonnes Of Money Here For Free" which is a positive headline or use "Don't Be A Sucker And Go Somewhere Else For Internet Marketing Techniques" which is a negative headline. You can also consider changing the layout of your site, changing the style and size of font, length of text, with or without video and picture etc.

After you have found out which are the worst performing ads get rid of them and stick to the high converting ones, this way your ads will be cost effective and this is how you make serious money online - keep costs low and profits high, it's that rocket science here!

Another tip to making your PPC ads cost effective is by the use of Keywords. As mentioned before the more popular the keyword/niche you target the more it will cost you. Therefore when you first start out using PPC ads it's a good idea to pick a smaller niche within your market. For example within Internet Marketing Business Opportunities the two most popular keywords "Make Money Online" and "Home Business". A way to find out smaller niches within your industry is to type your keyword "Internet Marketing" into Google Keywords and it will give you other popular keywords that you can target.

A top tip if you are involved with an Internet Marketing business such as YourNetBiz is to choose the name of the top performing marketer as your keyword. Here's an example of how to to do this: Joe Bloggs? No Holds Barred Free Internet Marketing Report, Find out how Joe Bloggs really makes his money.....This can take some of the traffic the leading marketer is generating over to you!

Giving the viewer something for free wil also go down well, this is because a viewer is likely to submit their details in order for something free that will benefit them. It could be a free report on Internet Marketing with some helpful tips; this is what I have done and it has worked well. The key to using Pay Per Click ads is to mix them up and find which are the best converting and then running with them!

In my opinion if you new to Internet Marketing use free marketing first of all such as social networking before venturing into PPC advertising, this is because you can afford to test your PPC ads after you have gained money from free Internet Marketing techniques. After you do start using PPC ads effectively though your list can grow very quickly and you can stand to make a lot of money.

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