Saturday, October 31, 2009

Use Gifts To Build Client Loyalty

By Don Wong

Knowledge about corporate gifts is relatively lesser than that of personal gifts, which are given to friends and families by individuals. Companies show that they are thankful to their clients or staff by giving away corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts are most of the times valuable objects, and they are often given away without any mark of the company on the gift, as they are not for advertising. However, businesses often do promotion through distribution of merchandise like key chains, mouse pads, dongles, and other gifts to the workforce and potential customers.

The gifts to be given by the company should be chosen keeping in mind the needs and desires of the person for whom it is being purchased for. Corporate gifts should always be chosen with the receiver in mind. There is no point giving a gift - particularly a corporate gift - to someone who will not appreciate what we have gifted. We should be seeking to create a 'WOW' whenever possible.

The effect of the corporate gift on the rapport with a client or an employee depends on how expensive the person believes the gift to be. Before giving a corporate gift, you should confer with your legal department regarding any restrictions that may have been enforced by law on this practice.

Before buying corporate gifts you should prepare a budget, decide upon the number of gifts to be given, and look for good deals for a bulk purchase from the wholesalers. This is clearly more important in case of gifts to employees, especially if yours is a large-sized company. It is important to make sure that there are enough gifts to express your thankfulness to every deserving employee.

To summarize, the custom of giving a corporate gift to your customers and employees is a good option for building strong working associations. Just keep two things in mind - the law and your expenditure.

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